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About us

In the last 12 years, the TMD Agency has been developing high end solutions for a wide variety of industries and different client profiles.

Ranging from websites to integration systems, our expertise is focused on resolving issues, shortening distances, and creating solid information structures within organisations, facilitating the implementation and understanding of internal processes for each sector.

All companies have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is precisely there that TMC comes into play, transforming those weaknesses into areas of opportunity by means of solutions found through digital intelligence.

The Team

Cristiana Marroig


Raissa Barreto


Mário Hummel


Mariana Resende


Arlindo Neto


Sid Monteiro


Marcus Monteiro


Filipe Lanza

New Business - Spain

Rodrigo Lagosta

Creative Director

Arianne Barros

Performance Manager

What our clients say about us

A highly dedicated team that, like partners of ours, are always keen to helping us.
We have worked with them for the last 4 and we will continue to work with them for many more.
Many thanks to the TMD agency for helping us to grow our business so.

An organisation committed to quality and customer satisfaction.
Our partners, they are always striving to get better results.
Dr. Mauro Azevedo – SAERJ Marketing Director

Fully trained and engaged team of staff who are always ready to assist with your business issues.
Kind regards,
Diana Lombana G.